3 Ways to Show Your Associates Appreciation

Now more than ever, people are searching for meaning and camaraderie from their workplaces. Companies that neglect to appreciate their team members can experience a loss of productivity, morale, and talent. By its very nature, a supportive, positive culture leads to increased peer-to-peer recognition, happiness, retention, engagement, and more!

As the Answer Midwest team knows, showing appreciation doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be reserved only for March 3’s official Associate Appreciation Day! We would like to share some of the things we do throughout the year to make our associates feel valued. We hope these spark ideas to help you show gratitude to your team members!

       1. Build Camaraderie

Nurturing peer-to-peer camaraderie is a great way to increase trust and collaboration among team members. Holding team celebrations and themed fun days are a couple ways Answer Midwest encourages our associates to come together and form friendships. Here are some highlights from the past year that show how our team celebrates each other’s successes, creativity, and unique personalities!


Our yearly Christmas party gave our team a chance to get into the holiday spirit and celebrate with each other.


Gathering for our first in-person team meeting since the pandemic brought everyone together to catch up, laugh, and be recognized!


Team members showed off their crocs and enjoyed some delicious crock pot food on Croc Day! 

Team members let their creativity (and smiles) shine with a dazzling array of Valentine’s Day boxes during our annual competition!

Team members let their creativity (and smiles) shine with a dazzling array of Valentine’s Day boxes during our annual competition!

      2. Give back

When a team takes time to help their community, they gain a greater sense of service and purpose by sharing their talents. Holding community service events at work throughout the year can be as simple as collecting food or clothing donations during the holidays. 

This past year, Answer Midwest shared our time with our community by holding a Reverse Advent Calendar donation drive. This event brought us closer together as we gave back to our community!

      3. Personalize praise

Celebrating individual team members’ contributions, successes, and roles within the company in a personalized way helps them feel recognized and appreciated. It also gives them the confidence and opportunity to grow!

For example, each month Answer Midwest highlights one of our team members on LinkedIn and Facebook. We also recognize our team in our newsletters and with letters of appreciation, in addition to rewarding them with compliment bonuses. Create opportunities for your team to applaud each other, like an internal shout-out board, to create a nurturing culture.


Holly was recently recognized when a new client was referred to Answer Midwest thanks to her outstanding service.

Luna receives a compliment bonus from President Jen during a team meeting.

Year-long associate appreciation is crucial to building an environment that retains and satisfies its workforce, no matter your industry. A culture built on nurturing its team members also goes beyond the walls of the business to help the community and other businesses. We hope our examples of how we recognize and engage with our team have inspired you to integrate community service, personalized praise, and building a culture of camaraderie into your business!

Are you looking to make the Answer Midwest team a part of your team through our telecommunication services? Contact us today to experience our culture and expertise firsthand!