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Helping Team Members Achieve Financial Freedom

Supporting employees means being there for all of life’s moments — big and small. Though showing appreciation in the little ways is important, it is also important to be there for employees when they truly need support and help to guide them through life’s largest obstacles.  At Answer Midwest, we do not just want our […]

3 Ways to Show Your Associates Appreciation

Now more than ever, people are searching for meaning and camaraderie from their workplaces. Companies that neglect to appreciate their team members can experience a loss of productivity, morale, and talent. By its very nature, a supportive, positive culture leads to increased peer-to-peer recognition, happiness, retention, engagement, and more! As the Answer Midwest team knows, […]

How To Show Gratitude All Year Long

Researchers at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania confirmed what we at Answer Midwest have known all along: call center employees, when recognized by management, are 50% more effective than those who work in a negative work environment.  We don’t need data to tell us that recognizing and supporting our team […]

4 ways Answer Midwest supports our team’s personal growth

Self-improvement is more than setting one-time goals to achieve. It’s about the continuous learning goals one sets for themselves! And in today’s workplaces, self-improvement and growth are top-of-mind for many.  A 2022 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report found that employees’ top motivations to learn are connected to their careers. People are looking to stay up to […]