Answer Midwest: Who We Are

How does Answer Midwest generate the service and culture that defines us today? 

For us, our work starts with the backbone of Answer Midwest: our team. They are the ones who keep the day-to-day running, and we ensure our business supports them back. Whether it’s creating an environment that nurtures opportunity or generating a culture that regularly expresses gratitude and trust, we’re so proud of our family-like business community!

Leading with compassion – Value that flows from the top down

Building a culture where gestures of appreciation and trust are a daily occurrence doesn’t appear out of just anywhere. It’s a product of bringing the right people together and building a sense of family-like inclusion and positivity — starting with our leaders. 

Our leadership team works hard to ensure our team feels heard and valued. “I never worked for a company like this in my life,” says Taylor S., an Answer Midwest training manager. “With Answer Midwest, my quality of life has vastly improved.”

Through thoughtful gestures, like rewarding work successes with awards and incentives, and sending handwritten cards to team members during exciting and tough moments, we show our appreciation in many ways. 

Our leadership team also places high value on mentoring and providing support for our team to expand. The value the leadership team instills in Answer Midwest employees also transfers into how our team approaches our clients’ needs: with empathy, patience, and trust.

Building relationships with our clients – Why we love what we do

One of our team’s favorite aspects of working at Answer Midwest is helping another person every time we answer the phone. Whether it’s a person who’s upset over a flooded basement or someone needing help finding business information, our team shares our core values of positivity, empathy, and trust at each touchpoint.

“Every call is an opportunity to help somebody with something that’s important to them,” says Patti G., an Answer Midwest dispatcher. For our team, being able to feel good about the bigger picture of what their work means is an integral part of our team members’ approaches and satisfaction with work. 

Although our work is based on assisting others, our culture is built around supporting each other. Team members receive positive feedback for their efforts as well as offline resources to aid with the weight that can come from some of our clients’ calls. 

The Answer Midwest team’s efforts and strong customer service have earned us high accolades with the St. Louis Small Business Monthly: Best in Reliability and Family Business awards and the ATSI Award of Excellence for the past 22 years. 

Encouraging growth opportunities – Ensuring our employees’ future success

A family makes the effort to not only guide its members but also provide the tools they need to continue their positive, personal growth. The same is true for how Answer Midwest works alongside our team members to promote personal and professional success. 

Each team member can recount how fair compensation, incentives, recognition, personal fulfillment, and motivation combine to give them the push to take on new responsibilities, try new things, and be creative.

According to Luna P., one of our main dispatchers: “Answer Midwest helps you get where you want to go. I went from being at an all-time financial low point to now owning my own home.”

Find your home

If you’re looking for a place where you can feel valued, personally fulfilled, and have a sense of positive progression in life, come join our Answer Midwest team! With advancement opportunities, monetary incentives, a supportive workplace, and more, our team and our clients experience our family-like culture. 

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