7 Essential Customer Service Tips to Help Your Business Build a Loyal Client Base!

Do your employees practice good customer service on the phone?

The way you address a customer on the phone could help you build customer loyalty or it could drive the customer away from your company. Keep your customers coming back to your company by using these 7 customer service tips every day!

Double-Check for Your Customer – Whenever you’re able, try to use the phrase, “Let me double-check that.” Even if you know that the certain item is out of stock or if there is no room left for appointments tomorrow, tell the customer on the line that you will double-check to make sure, just in case. It will make them feel that you really care about their needs!

Use the Golden Rule – We all know this rule – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This rule is a fantastic rule to live by and works perfectly in the working world as well. Pretend the customer on the phone is you. What would you want to happen? What would make you happy? Try to make it happen for your customer.

Involve Yourself – A good way to make your customers happy is to get involved in what they are saying. If you’re assisting someone in obtaining information about a product, mention how nice their choice is, for example. When customers feel as if you’re on their side, they will be pleased!

Keep Your Focus – It can be easy to be distracted on the phone, but you need to listen to exactly what your customer is saying, no matter what. Don’t type unless it pertains to what you’re doing. Don’t read something while you’re taking care of a customer’s needs. Stay focused on the call, take notes if necessary, and help however you can!

Ask Questions – Be an active participant in the conversation by asking questions! Listen for one or two words that you can ask the customer about, or even ask them to expound on their needs by saying, “Tell me more.” Once you get the customer talking, you will be able to help them much more efficiently and are sure to have a satisfied customer.

Avoid Long Holds – Whenever it’s possible, do your best to avoid making your customer wait for long periods of time. If you have to put your customer on hold, explain why and keep the hold period as brief as you can. Be sure to thank them when you get back on the line!

Do Extra – Before you hang up with your customer, be sure to ask if there’s anything else you can do for them. If they say no, then be sure to thank them for calling and invite them to call again if they have any other needs to fulfill.

Don’t Subject Them to Voicemail – Your customers take the time to get on the phone and call you, so why would you want to subject them to the dreaded voicemail? Give your customers a person to talk to when they call your business! They will be much happier talking to a person instead of a machine.

Put these skills and techniques to use now and see what happens. You might be amazed at the results!

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