24 Hour Service for Legal Professionals

For attorneys and other service providers whose salary depends on billable hours, nothing is more frustrating than having to stop in the middle of a great-paying project to speak to an emotional caller that just rambles on and on and on. If it is a potential client the call can be worth the wait but often it is hard not to get impatient.

At Answer Midwest our professional phone staff can listen patiently to the whole story, collect the facts and write down the details. The caller can talk as long as they need to and you get a quick e-mail documenting it all.  Whether it’s a potential client, a legitimate referral source or just someone going through the yellow pages fishing for information, you can call back right away or take the time to provide a more informed response to their questions at a time that works for both of you.

Your client’s needs are important and sensitive. We get it! Our operators are professionally trained to respectfully provide quality service and complete confidentiality to legal and service businesses. Whether you are in court or a meeting, preparing a case, or simply out of the office, Answer Midwest can take your calls and get the important details so you have the facts without all the drama.

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