AM Fans – Volume 1

The bottom line for business is keeping expenses down and customer satisfaction up. AM Fans know that having dedicated staff always available and completely focused on customer calls is a very affordable service that pays off in big ways. Here’s what Answer Midwest customers say about getting the help you need to grow your business:

“Answer Midwest has helped our business grow by being thorough and quick, getting the message to the correct person. They maintain our high level of quality even when we aren’t available.” -Diane, Hillcrest Apartments, Answer Midwest Fan for 30 years 

Taking work related phone calls in undesirable situations can seem very unprofessional to clients. Don’t miss your kids soccer games, dinner with the family or vacation time because you want to avoid losing a current client or miss out on a potential client.

By allowing Answer Midwest to take your calls after hours, on weekends and holidays you have the luxury of getting the information to the right person and letting them decide on an appropriate time to get back to business. Your clients don’t need to hear the soccer noise but they do need to know you care and will get back to them. You CAN make your loved ones and clients happy at the same time!

“I like that Answer Midwest uses our calendar to book appointments. They integrate their technology into our specific business. Not every call center can do what they do.” -Paul with Rooterman, Answer Midwest Fan for about a year

Answer Midwest’s clients vary from lawyers to plumbers to doctors. No two fields or even businesses in a field require the same response. At Answer Midwest we research your company’s particular needs before we get started with your personal program.Your customers will feel as though our agents are your personal secretaries; knowledgable and informed about your business.

Call Answer Midwest today at 618-463-9093 for more information. Look out for our next installment of AM Fans coming soon!