Answer Midwest Is Now Featuring Secure Messaging Capabilities!

Attention, all physicians and medical staff! We have great news for you – we are making your lives easier than ever before!

Answer Midwest is now offering secure messaging capabilities for all of our clients. Designed by Telescan, LLC, our secure messaging capabilities, called Secure Message Delivery App (or SMDA for short), deliver your messages safely, quickly, and simply to the mobile phones of physicians and staff. The best part – it also coincides with HIPAA PHI compliance!

We know you depend on your messages to be delivered in a timely, safe, and efficient manner all while remaining compliant with HIPPA PHI regulation requirements. That’s why we decided to go the extra mile for you to provide our staff with this technology so you won’t miss a single message or have any contents compromised.

Your messages are definitely in safe hands here at Answer Midwest. Our messages are sorted as “read” and “unread,” along with the date and time it was sent and “secure” in order to meet the HIPPA PHI requirements. The messages are then organized in scrollable lists when they come in, so they’ll be sorted under “new,” “in-process,” or “complete,” depending on the status of the message. Our fantastic operators will mark your messages “complete” when it’s delivered to you!

But that’s not all! Our new secure messaging capabilities also provide you with a lot of really great benefits, including secured messaging with SSL encryption software, secure Internet access to all client-specific messaging information, instant 24-7 access to your messages, safe storage of your messages on a secure, remote server, and lower costs.

If you’re in need of a friendly, efficient, 24/7 telecommunication service that is secure and totally HIPAA PHI compliant, you’ve come to the right place! Just call Answer Midwest at (618) 463-2430! We’re your go-to place when it comes to secure messaging!

Hey, Health Care Professionals! Answer Midwest Is Now HIPAA Compliant!

When you use any kind of service, you expect your information to be confidential and held with the utmost respect. This is especially true if you’re in the healthcare field, a field in which privacy is a must.

Well, we have great news for you then! Answer Midwest has now become totally HIPAA compliant and certified in order to better serve all of you in the medical industry!

All of our operators at Answer Midwest have just finished training and certification in become HIPAA compliant, so whenever you use our services, your clients will be greeted by HIPAA certified, friendly operators who are highly trained to gather private sensitive information and to dispatch messages promptly and accurately to your desired HIPAA compliant protocol! Each call includes detailed record-keeping and is digitally recorded for retention.

We also provide message encryption, which will protect your privacy and the privacy of your clients in both text message and email format! Doctors will now have the ability to send secure messages to others in their group and make notes on the messages that they receive right on the secure messaging app!

Best of all, all data files are sent and received securely among you and your staff and features text with fully-supported

SMS text messaging! All messages are secured with SSL encryption software and are safely stored on a secure remote server.

As an ever-changing industry, the field of healthcare and medicine depends on messages being delivered in a simple, quick, and secure manner, all while remaining compliant with HIPAA secure PHI regulation requirements. At Answer Midwest, you can be assured that your messages will remain secure and that you can access them instantly – 24/7!

Want to make sure that your company is ahead of the curve? Sign up with Answer Midwest, your full-service, 24/7 live operator call-handling service company!

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