Do You Need a Personal Receptionist? The Solution Is Answer Midwest!

Receptionists are often the unpraised workers that make an office run smoothly. Think of Pam Halpert from “The Office” or Joan Harris from “Mad Men.” These are the characters that hold the office together, seamlessly and gracefully.

We are sure that there have been times in which you have considered adding a receptionist to your office team, someone to help the office run more efficiently. Maybe you thought that you couldn’t afford one. Answer Midwest offers a budget-friendly solution. Here are four ways that our answering services can be the perfect answer to your receptionist dilemma!

Budget-Friendly – First, think of how much it would cost you to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep in mind that you would have to include your workers’ salaries and the expenses of keeping the physical business open the entire day and night. Most companies don’t desire to do this anyway. Our services are available to you 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost! Your business can focus on being efficient while the phones are taken care of for you at all times.

Reliability – A typical receptionist will require sick time or vacation time. Our operators are there for you whenever you need them! They know about your business and can answer questions, manage appointments and act as an information center to your customers. Your clientele will never get a voicemail or have to wait for a response ever again! This is great news for customer service and building loyalty within your business.

Constant Professionalism – Our Answer Midwest operators are part of your team. They are trained in tasks you would require of your employees and they always answer in a friendly and professional manner. Our well-qualified operators give your business a sense of credibility that answering a call from your cell phone does not. We take detailed messages that can be emailed or even sent as a text message to your phone if you are busy in a meeting, leaving your schedule uninterrupted.

No Worries – When you are out of town or if bad weather strikes, we are always there to take the calls that you can’t. You no longer have to be worried that you will miss out on business or opportunities. We can increase your accessibility and responsiveness during these times, keeping your customers happy! Our services are crucial to a successful business.

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