Call Center Campout

Article courtesy of Advantage News

While much of Madison County was closed over the weekend, Alton answering service Answer Midwest was caffeinated and ready to keep area businesses up and running.

“It is simply not an option for a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a week business to close, no matter what the forecast,” says Jen Schulz, vice president. “We’re working so our clients don’t have to.”

With the goal of treating others the way they want to be treated, the company brought in lots of food, supplied a cot and blow up mattresses and set up a big-screen TV with Netflix so those who were working could have a place to step away and relax amidst the craziness.

“We know just how valuable our employees are to Answer Midwest,” Schulz said. “Everything we do comes back to our mission, so it’s natural that we would take care of our team.”

Answer Midwest was booming over the weekend, which is to be expected when most of the area’s businesses were closed because of the weather and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. They more than doubled their normal call volumes, taking thousands of calls for hundreds of businesses across the country.

Clients were elated to be able to let their employees stay home during the storm and know their callers would still be taken care of. The callers always appreciate being able to reach a person on the other end of the line and not a machine.

“It’s an era of instant gratification,” Schulz said. “At Answer Midwest we want to keep businesses and their clients connected, no matter what the obstacle.”

Owned and managed by the Tedrick family since 1991, Answer Midwest offers customers all over the country a wide range of telephone-related support services, from reception phone services to help desk, order-taking, appointment management and even dispatching for service calls and medical emergencies.

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